The work process

While every case we receive is examined on its own merits and any client is individual and no placement process is identical to another, in such a complex process, which often involves restlessness and mental stress, we feel it’s important that you know what awaits you, even if in differing or urgent cases the order of the actions changes.


Introductory meeting and evaluation of initial status

After we are first contacted, a preliminary introductory meeting is scheduled. An introductory meeting with the elder and the family members will allow us to understand the needs which are unique to each client, which would allow us to begin matching him with the options suitable for him.

Collection of data and determination of status

After the initial meeting, we will assist you in the collection of the data and the determination of the status. The determination of the status includes a meeting with the family doctor, a psychogeriatric doctor and additional experts as necessary.

Collection of data for financial suitability

Once the collection of the medical data has been completed and when we understand the needs and preferences of the elder and the family members, we will check the financial suitability.

Presentation of the options and visiting the retirement homes

After all the data has been collected, we will present to you several options which match your unique physical, geographical and financial needs, and out of these options, you can decide which retirement homes you would like to gain an impression of.
We will schedule introductory meetings for you at the retirement homes of your choice, and will accompany you during the meeting.

Reaching the decision and submitting the bureaucratic documents

After you reach a decision regarding the retirement home suitable for you, we will submit the documents and handle all the bureaucratic matter for you.

Specific day-to-day accompaniment

After the movement to the retirement home, we will see to ensuring with you that the retirement home is satisfactory for you and you are happy with the choice made.