About Mali Shtilman

מלי שטילמן - חברות השמה לבתי אבות

I am Mali Shtilman, a Geriatric Consultant with 30 years of experience in working with the elderly, 15 of which are in the management of retirement homes. Over those years, I have amassed a lot of experience and came to know the system and the best ways to act when dealing with it in order to achieve quick and accurate results. This familiarity allows me to handle for you the complex bureaucracy of the Ministry of Health, so that I can assist you quickly and efficiently, and so that you can have peace of mind. For me, the familiarity with the thorny bureaucratic world of the health system and assisting families and elders is a mission, seeing as each person has their own unique needs, and therefore it is important to bear in mind not just the housing solution – but rather keep the client at the center; it is the client who is the important aspect of the process, and I always place an emphasis on that.

I realize the difficulty in relocating, and the problem with which you are faced when you make the decision to move to an assisted living facility or a retirement home, and therefore, in order to locate the housing solution that is best for you, I will personally meet with you and your parents, I will accompany you throughout the entire process, from the early consultation stages, through tours at the retirement homes and assisted living facilities, to assistance in the bureaucratic proceedings of receiving subsidization from the state, and in general, until the housing solution that is ideal for you is found.

About the company 

The “Mali Shtilman – Geriatric Consultant” company is a company which assists the elderly and their family members in finding a retirement home and an assisted living facility which are tailored to the family’s exact needs. The professional support and accompaniment provided by the “Mali Shtilman – Geriatric Consultant” company during the process significantly reduces the risk to encounter bureaucratic tangles and the risk of the disappointment often occasioned by the retirement homes offered by the Ministry of Health.

The “Mali Shtilman – Geriatric Consultant” company was founded to provide assistance and guidance to the elderly and their family members on stages where there is a need of finding a high-quality, practical and immediate solution to facilitate, for the elders and their family members, the complex and highly bureaucratic process of the move.

Over the years, the company has amassed extensive practical experience and a proven reputation in dealing with the vast bureaucracy of the Ministry of Health; experience which also includes an intimate familiarity with the field and with all the relevant elements which could assist in advancing the process. In addition to the company’s ability to handle the thorny bureaucracy, the “Mali Shtilman – Geriatric Consultant” company provides personal and professional accompaniment to each client, including an examination of all the alternatives with which the client is faced, while focusing on the criteria that are unique to each person. You will not have to pay for the service out of your own pocket, seeing as it is the retirement homes themselves who bear the expenses of the process, and the payment received from the retirement homes for the placement process is identical and uniform.

After the placement at the retirement home, the company monitors one’s satisfaction with the housing solution, and also even provides an additional service package provided for an extra charge, such as transportation services, additional assistance, and more.

We realize that the decision to move and make the change is not an easy one, and for this reason, we are here to assist you for the entire duration of the stages of the process – from the stage of the preliminary consultation and making of the decisions, collecting the medical documentation, tours at the retirement homes, and assistance with the general bureaucratic matters, which will allow us to ensure that we have found the best home for you.